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January 26, 2017

Samlerhuset Norway have established a new blog:

Here you will find articles on rare and historic Norwegian coins and other collectables, as well as stories from the historic events that made these coins so collectable.

There will also be new and updates on events as well as advice for new and old collectors.

In English?

We have not decided if we will make an English speaking version of this blog. It depends on how well the Norwegian blog performs.

In the meantime you can enjoy this video:

Samlerhuset War Heroes


The Norwegian branch of Samlerhuset have made a video on how Det Norske Myntverket are making coins and medallions.

Follow them on youtube: YouTube

Samlerhuset has a post on the Samlerhuset Norwegian blog– I am trying to translate the essense of it, due to some good info on Samlerhuset.

Samlerhuset offers coin service and numismatic information. Muster more from your hobby!

Samlerhuset was established the fall of 1994 to sell stamps and coins directly to collectors in all Nordic countries. The idea behind Samlerhuset is to offer a greater service then any other Norwegian stamp- and coin retailer. Through rich information about the actual collectors item, the collector recieves more output from the hobby.

Samlerhuset gives you the opportunity to build a complete collection step by step, simply with monthly deliveries. Due to the warm welcome among Nordic collectors, apr 150 people are employed to offer collectors the best selection of collectors items.

The efforts Samlerhuset puts in to serving the collectors, has been valued by government mint makers all over the world. Samlerhuset has been apointed as an official distributor for mint makers in United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Russia. And of course the Norwegian Mint Maker at Konbsberg.

Working with valuble stamps an coins creates a need for experts with in depth knowledge. Our collectors items are in need of special treatment. Samlerhuset is connected to a large network all over the world to ensure the most comprehensive offer to our collectors. Mint masters, museum directors, journalists from the major collectors magazines, leading retailers and auction houses are involved on a regular basis, in our daily effort toour customers.

Samlerhuset emplyes skilled people, both from Norway and abroad. At the same time Samlerhuset is trying to employ local men and woman, teaching them the art of stamps and coins. All emplyoies are to reflect competance, relaiability and knowledge.

Samlerhuset musters our strength to provide the best possible quality and service, providing all needed information on the collectable items.
For you as a collector, Samlerhuset is your strongest partner. We are the official partner with several of the most important mint makers in the world. Therefor you are early notified on new editions, and you are given the opportunity to secure most new collectors items before they are sold out on the international arena.

Samlerhuset is in need of your opinion.
Not beeing a perfect organization in all aspects, we are allways looking to improve our performance. Please give us your feedback on any improvement we can make to our services.

Thank you!

For more information you can also visit (some of this information is in Norwegian):
Directory information on Samlerhuset
The founder of Samlerhuset is blogging
Samlerhuset is dedicated to communicating online as a member of INMA
How Samlerhuset creates a campaign

Samlerhuset - values and promises on delivery

According to US Mint sets top 750.000. An interesting update on March figures from the US market for mint bullion and numismatic products. 2010 edition is popular.

Current news in Norwegian: Samlerhuset – 17. mai medaljen er tilbake!

More news in Norwegian on Samlerhuset – blogg

Today we can find Samlerhuset several places online, and other relevant sources of information on and about Samlerhuset. We have tried to list a few resources here:

If you would like to keep yourself up to date, on value and selection in the Norwegian coin market, the coin catalogue from Samlerhuset is a must.


  • Catalogue of all Norwegian coins ever
  • Facts with history and information on Norwegian coins
  • Catalogue value of all Norwegian coins since 1814 – Auto recieve any future edition of this catalogue from Samlerhuset here.

You can also find this article on the Norwegian blog from Samlerhuset.

Norges Bank (The Norwgian Central Bank) is looking into removing the coin called “50 øre” (the value of half a Norwegian Kroner – NOK). The reason is it’s use has declined.

According to E24, assisting director Leif Veggum at Norges Bank claims this is a question if the total value of use justifies the total cost.

This is a total cost- and benefit analysis, not only for Norges Bank, but also for the retail- and other trade industries in need of cash.

It might just be a matter of time before yet another Norwegian coin is out of circulation.

Thank you for visiting the English voice of Samlerhuset. We need a channel where you can reach us to read and/or comment. Our aim for this blog is to talk about our products, with our customers. If you would like to join in on the dialogue, please feel free! Samlerhuset will contribute to any fact based and constructive dialogue.

Right now you will find a collectable coin, with US president and Nobel Peace Price lorriet, Barac Obama in our range of collectables for sale. Samlerhuset is proud to present this coin related to Obama’s dedicated work as president and statesman. The most popular of coin series in the United Stated is also available from our catalogue.

Please feel welcome to post back with us, or just update yourself on news and information from Samlerhuset

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